Woman Accidentally Sends Boss Topless Photo via Snapchat

Woman Accidentally Sends Boss Topless Photo via Snapchat

I’ve been guilty of mistexting. Typically, it’s quite benign while occasionally the fallout has turned out incredibly awkward.

I’m also guilty of drunk texting. A lot. There have been many mornings when I awoke after spending the night with Jack Daniels only to dread checking my texts out of fear I had sent the boss my resignation. Fortunately, I never did.

However, the following gal wasn’t so lucky. In what was an attempt to tease her beau she inadvertently Snapchatted a photo of herself lifting her shirt to her boss. Yes, her boss.

No doubt mortified and more than a little embarrassed, the fact that said boss actually responded was probably equally horrifying.


Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Although, considering the faux pas she committed, I must admit his response was pretty cool. There really were three ways he could have responded: responding in kind then asking her out, firing her, or by letting her off the hook with a warning. He did the latter and I’ll bet she never makes that mistake again.

However, it is important to note that despite the illusion all images somehow disappear after a few seconds, that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s exactly this reason I don’t snapchat, text, skype or anything of the sort that involves me getting naked. The last thing I need is for some photo of my nips getting out when I decide to run for office. Hey, it could happen.

Lead image via Facebook

H/T: sheknows.com

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  1. Damian
    October 07, 11:08 Reply
    I think she did it intentionally to see if she could get a raise in her pay. :) Nobody is that stupid to select their boss as the recipient of the snapchat "by mistake".

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