Blind Date NYC – A Review

I had the unexpected pleasure of being contacted to write a review for a show playing in NYC called Blind Date.  I don’t typically do play reviews, especially ones taking place in the Big Apple since the commute from Los Angeles is a bit of a bitch.  But, as luck would have it, I and my trusty sidekick The Urban Dater had planned a trip to see what the big fuss was all about.  Having already conquered LA it was time to try our luck in a more challenging atmosphere.

So. Glad. We. Did.

According to the play’s website…”There’s nothing like the thrill of a first date…anything can happen!  In the brand new play Blind Date, you’ll experience all the excitement and awkwardness of love as Mimi, a Parisian temptress, goes on a blind date with a different man every night – plucked right out of the audience!  Mimi brings the willing man up on stage and activates his imagination, exploring his version of romance – he is invited to PLAY, to DARE TO FALL IN LOVE, and SHARE A LIFETIME.  It’s thrilling, saucy, breath-taking, and completely DANGEROUS and INSANE…just like LOVE.”

Also noted…”It’s part burlesque, part Lucille Ball and part Match.com.”

Much like visiting NYC, I was not disappointed.  Rebecca Northan’s one woman show (with the help of her unsuspecting male audience member) was entertaining, indeed.   In a show with no set scripts, she handles the 90 minutes of improv with the ease and potency of making the perfect martini.  Her natural ability to be quick and clever with her retorts had the audience laughing non-stop and I was certainly glad to have taken those at Blind Date up on their offer to see the show.  Not to mention, Northan has been nominated for a shitload of awards based on her comedic talent.  What more do I need to say to let you know that this is one funny broad?  It was definitely worth seeing and I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in seeing an off Broadway show.

And look!  TUD (<— now that’s funny) and I even got a picture with Northan because we are special like that.  True story. Our mother’s told us so.

The Urban Dater & MissMelisaMae w/Northan

Along with myself and The Urban Dater, Jack from Brooklyn and Single Much were able to join us in the festivities.  Single was kind enough to give me her two cents on the show:

“Just like any blind date I went into this night with a case of the nerves. Not only was I meeting some fellow bloggers in real life for the first time, but I was also seeing an off Broadway comedy, which fellow theater goers may know can be disastrous. My apprehension was quickly diminished by the lounge-like atmosphere and comedic company. We were immediately introduced to Mimi, the show’s host, a kooky Parisian woman looking for her latest dating victim. Mimi, played by Canadian actress Rebecca Northan, chooses an innocent member of the audience and invites him along on her journey.  This seems like an impossible feat, however Northan has an incredible talent. Her extraordinary improvisational skills allow her to incite a total stranger’s idea of romance and dating. She is incredibly easing and I was continuously baffled by how far she could coax her date into action. A wildly entertaining night of dating and laughter left me wanting even more. I may have to check it out a second time!”

There you have it.  Two reviews in one.  Considering that ours are the only opinions that really matter, why don’t you go check it out?  You won’t be sorry.  And hurry up, the last date is 12/20/10.  If you use the code MIMI when purchasing tickets you can get them for only $25!

511 W. 54th St.

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  1. Charlotte
    December 18, 13:56 Reply
    That sounds like a great show! I'll have to check that out (right up my alley). I love interactive shows like that (provided I'm not the one asked to go onstage. I had a near panic attack when this happened recently at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening). Cute picture! :) <span class="cluv">Charlotte recently posted..<a class="358d14fa87 631" rel="nofollow" href="http://mypixieblog.com/2010/12/14/manhattan-love-affair/">Manhattan love affair</a></span>
    • missmelisamae
      December 18, 18:06 Reply
      I definitely think you should. It was highly entertaining!
  2. Peter Scott
    December 20, 20:14 Reply
    Blind Date is fantatstic !! Rebecca Northan and team could not be better. When the performance I saw was over, I could hear virtually everyone within earshot saying "I have to see this again !!"

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