Please Stop Sending Me Dick Pics

“Have you ever been with a very well endowed man..?” The question blindsided me as it came on the heels of a 43 year old construction company estimating manager telling

Woman Accidentally Sends Boss Topless Photo via Snapchat

I’ve been guilty of mistexting. Typically, it’s quite benign while occasionally the fallout has turned out incredibly awkward. I’m also guilty of drunk texting. A lot. There have been many

The Latest in Sex News

In the event you were on pins and needles waiting to hear if you had won the First Annual Vagina Beauty Contest held last month, let me put your mind

It’s Time for the First Annual Vagina Beauty Contest

I’ve been at my sexual peak for the last 19 years. That’s probably why, when I heard the 3rd Annual Smallest Penis Contest was being held in Brooklyn last weekend,

Back in the Online Dating Trenches

When he couldn’t remember how old he was, that was my first clue Mr. Contractor wasn’t all there. It was also another reminder why I take online dating with a

Designer Dildo for Loved One’s Ashes?

I’m sure it comes as little surprise that I have a distinct and overwhelming curiosity in regards to human sexuality. People are into some strange shit (from life-size dolls to

Strippers At A Funeral

What’s the one thing Chinese funerals and the Spearmint Rhino have in common? Strippers, naturally. Western society has it all wrong. Who’s to say G-strings and pasties aren’t appropriate attire for

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