Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

“When is your girlfriend due again? 

Mr. Hottie construction worker had just been cock-blocked by his supervisor. Up until that very moment, I’d had no idea that the guy asking for my number while staring at my tits had a baby on the way.  With his live-in girlfriend. Isn’t that precious? 

That wasn’t the first time I’ve been blindsided while trying to make a date.  I’m usually all for surprises.  Good surprises, that is.   Finding out one has a girlfriend, wife and/or baby on the way is not what I would consider one of them. 

Had I known the stunning construction worker was seconds away from fatherhood, I wouldn’t have trampled my co-worker getting through the door to insure I had first dibs.  Looks like someone had already beat me to it eight months prior. 

The subtlety with which he had been cockblocked by his supervisor was exquisite.  At least somebody considered the promises made to significant others as relevant and worth keeping.  I owe that man many thanks for saving me from what could have been a potentially awkward conversation later while jumping out a window with my bra in hand. 

Instead of re-entering the office with a feeling of conquest and a date for that weekend, I had to relate my story of the doomed and scandalous flirtation. 

“All the good ones are taken,” replied my co-worker in what I can only imagine was an attempt to console me. 

“A man looking to hook up with a stranger while his lady is ready to pop is not exactly what I would consider a good one.”

I guess this can be chalked up to another instance of mistaken identity.  I thought he was single.  So did he.  I’m pretty sure his pregnant girlfriend doesn’t agree.

So, where are all the good ones?  I think they’re in Texas. 

Road trip!

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  1. Erica
    April 07, 07:42 Reply
    All the good ones are taken, or available but not ready to date. I was dating a great guy but he's got a lot going on in his life so one lost.
    • missmelisamae
      April 07, 08:25 Reply
      The whole dating pool is a complete crap shoot. I'm in the market for a mail order husband. Preferably a hot Italian who needs a green card.
  2. Roxanne
    April 07, 07:46 Reply
    Ha! "I thought he was single. So did he." That's priceless. I completely agree. But what is single, anyway? He's not married. I guess he's not in a monogamous relationship with his girlfriend. He has ties to a woman because she's bearing his child -- but isn't that the dreaded and admired "co-parenting" everyone talks about ? That's not "in a relationship" necessarily. So in this new world of identifying relationships where "it's complicated" is actually an acceptable box to check, maybe he could justify in his mind hitting on you. But girl I'm with you, I'm old school. You got a pregnant whatever, I'm not interested.
    • missmelisamae
      April 07, 08:26 Reply
      I just find the whole thing so distasteful. I've known plenty of cheaters but throw in a baby in the oven and that just seems particularly scandalous.
  3. lifebeginsat30ty
    April 07, 13:46 Reply
    Ouch! Dude needs to be bit-slapped, that's all I'm saying. I give kudos to the supervisor for at least making everyone awares! Things like that just give me a bad taste in my mouth. Yeck. <span class="cluv">lifebeginsat30ty recently posted..<a class="94c063585c 2728" rel="nofollow" href="http://lifebeginsat30ty.blogspot.com/2011/04/isle-of-shagging-aka-wight.html">The Isle of Shagging- aka Wight</a></span>
    • missmelisamae
      April 07, 14:06 Reply
      The smirk on the supervisor's face was priceless. The look on the douchebag's face after being outed was even better. Almost as if he HAD been bitch-slapped.
  4. Kristie
    April 07, 16:01 Reply
    WOW! Thank god for good Samaritans butting in! Kudos to the Supervisor!
  5. Liz Love
    April 07, 21:27 Reply
    I love this story and ain't that always the way. I like his Supervisor too ! LOL Maybe he's single?
    • missmelisamae
      April 07, 21:29 Reply
      Unfortunately, no. I checked. But at least he gives me hope that there are decent men still out there.
  6. Lusty Sagittarian
    April 08, 04:42 Reply
    What happened to Mr NYPD? LDRs suck. Rich said there are plenty of single 30somethings in the Chicago area. Then I asked him if any of his friends were single. He said no. I hate to think I got the last good guy. He's out there Melisa! <span class="cluv">Lusty Sagittarian recently posted..<a class="49f780ea8d 2752" rel="nofollow" href="http://twitter.com/girltrueheart/statuses/56308798008213504">girltrueheart- No- we need him for baseball -p RT @bootsybah- RT @JimmyRiceWriter- Dalglish on the LeBron James news- I cont http-tlgd-9nq641</a></span>

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