What Inspires You?

“You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Mae West had it right.  So it was no surprise when I learned that I had been named after her.  I have lived my life with the gusto of a bull rider and have had very few regrets.  I act now and think later.  I play hard, laugh often and love deep.  Friends and boyfriends alike have described me as always just “on”.

I’m inspired by diversity and natural beauty.  Complexity and simplicity.  I’m intrigued by people and their actions.  My desire to experience new things and meet new people has taken me to places, in and out of the country, that many people can only dream of.  It’s safe to say that if I have enough money in my account the chances of it being spent on airfare are quite high.  It’s no wonder why I’m always broke.

I’m a thinker, a creator and an artist of many mediums.  I strive to be the best and I thrive at the challenge.  I’m narcissistic, confident and secure in my role as a single woman in her 30’s living in LA.  I love love and I love life.

When I was six, I used to draw pictures of swans and horses on college ruled paper and go door to door selling them for a nickel.  Even at that tender age I was quite the entrepreneur.  I had aspirations of becoming an artist, a singer, a writer, a cheerleader, a model, and a cop (I never actually became a Peace Officer but I did fuck one so that totally counts).  I’ve made money from both my art and writing, I was a cheerleader in high school, sang in the choir (my role as backup singer #12 in my high school’s rendition of “Little Shop of Horrors” is legendary) and I had a modeling contract with an agency on Sunset Blvd.  One way or another, over the course of my lifetime, I’ve managed to accomplish just about everything I’ve set my mind too.  There are very few things I can look back on and say “I really wish I’d tried that”.

I have been ruled and dictated by the right side of my brain for as long as I can remember.  At 10, I also considered myself a songwriter and a poet.  Just look at these bad-ass lyrics to what I thought for sure was going to be a Top-10 hit:

“White limousine in front of my studio.  Ready to go to an old fashioned rodeo.  Oh oh, oh oh.  Oh oh, oh oh.”

I still remember the melody, too.  As does my beautiful sister who never loses an opportunity to tease me mercilessly about it while asking “What exactly is an old fashioned rodeo?”  Hey, I said I considered myself to be a songwriter.  I didn’t say I was good.

Enough about me.  What would you do if I told you that you had the chance to win a random sweepstake rewarding a $50 gift card weekly until June 30th, 2011 and a chance to win the Grand Prize, a $4500 gift card just for sharing what inspires you?  I’d like to think you would jump on it.  $4,500 would definitely help in making my next big goal come to fruition.  What is that, you ask?  To hop on a plane to Australia where I will meet my future husband.  A handsome, alligator wrangling outback type that eats raw meat and loves babies and kittens.  Duh.

AOL wants to reach and convey to single women that they are each pioneers in their own right, living inspired lives, exploring the world on their own terms and embracing their freedom, achievements and the journey.   

I strongly encourage single women to participate in this contest by uploading their own “Inspiration Boards” which can be done by linking to:  http://www.jeeplegendarylife.aol.com/.  I’ve done it and it was easy, quick and fun (remember, I need to get to Australia).  This is a custom destination that allows individuals a chance to develop an online “Inspiration Board” chronicling all the things that represent her and what she aspires to become – it’s a forum to express one’s individuality that is sharable with friends on Facebook.

So now that I’ve got all the technical shit out of the way, tell me…

What inspires you?


This post is sponsored by Jeep Legendary Life by AOL.

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  1. SoloAt30
    June 07, 10:19 Reply
    Oh yes, I have an album of me singing my originals at age 6 or 7 (my brother was on guitar). "Me and My Horse," "On a Trip to New Mexico," and "Peanut Butter Sandwiches" are some of those classics. You live your life with such passion, and that truly *is* inspirational. I like to think i have in some part dipped my foot in most of my dreams - travel, being a paid and published writer, singer (later in life, made a more professional album, ha), teacher... I also keep building new dreams, and I think that continued growth is part of what makes life so exciting. <span class="cluv">SoloAt30 recently posted..<a class="e1a5d53f0c 3904" rel="nofollow" href="http://singleinmy30s.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/sometimes-when-it-feels-just-right/">Sometimes When It Feels Just Right</a></span>
    • missmelisamae
      June 07, 13:13 Reply
      Thank you, you're going to make me blush ;) Maybe you and I should start up our own singing group!
  2. <strong>Love Journey Personalized Women...</strong> [...] h money in my account the chances of it being spent on airfare are quite high.  [...]...
  3. fwwp
    June 16, 19:05 Reply
    I'm more of a loser type myself. Interesting though.
  4. Rita
    July 03, 16:58 Reply
    Wow. I just stumbled upon your blog as I scrolled through my Twitter feed this afternoon and I am so grateful. you know how "they" say that you see things when you are ready? thanks for crossing my path today. I think you and I are going to get along just fine. I love that you shared this and especially how much of yourself you shared. That is what made the difference for me. And duh! Australia is the only place to meet that future husband. When do you go?? :-)
    • missmelisamae
      July 03, 17:21 Reply
      Wow, thank you. I think your comment just made my day! I'll let you know when I plan that trip...I may need a sidekick ;)

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