Right on, baby. Can you dig it? Far-out!

Right on, baby. Can you dig it? Far-out!

Today’s guest post is by the awesome Boldly Mocking.  If you aren’t already familiar with her than you need to change that.  You can thank me later.


Right on, baby. Can you dig it? Far-out!

And by this, I mean popular lines from the fantabulous, discosynthizylous, glittericious seventies. Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh.

Last week, I had fabulous martini’s with the girl who will forever hold a place in my heart as the one who taught me the joy of reading, smoking, and kissing! We were 11. Get a grip. And while we each still giggle over the silly smoking and girl kissing, we both still love to read. Secretly, besides my mother, it’s her opinion of my writing that matters the most.

So over manhattan’s and dirty martini’s, we talked and talked. And she shared a fantastic story about a weekend in Vegas she just had.

You see, Molly went on a girl’s weekend. And like me, what happened it Vegas didn’t stay there. Sometimes, the story is too good, too crazazy, to keep to oneself. And so it is written. By me in this case.

Molly has a gal pal, a tall drink of water who is also a lawyer, who had to be at a deposition in Vegas – so Boom Chicka Wow Wow – time to get their groove on…

Fade to black – or at least, a glitter filled sky over the Nevada desert.

Two gorgeous, energetic and laughing women enter a bar. There’s a famous male model in the midst, no not a faux-model but a real life mantabulous male model. From the 70s, but still. We call that distinguished with great jeans. And we’ll call him Ken.

Ken, fresh from hanging at the glamtastic pool, notices our tall drink of water and biff, bang, pow – is drawn to her like a fly to honey.

Channeling all of his powers of charm and swagger, he starts talking about how sensitive and aware he is. He understands the power of aura. The importance of the chakra. He begins to get really involved in his pitch gesturing how he can literally pull a sexual being out her.

Fascinated by the fact he’s hitting on her in a style reminiscent of Mr. Furley on Three’s Company – although Ken is not so bad on the eyes – she really wants to ask “”Is that a bong pipe in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” But instead she murmurs the “aha” and “really” responses he’s looking for.

Touching her on the forearm, he stares into her eyes and promises he can take her to new dimensions, just like the Victoria’s Secret model, whom he helped discover her Heart Chakra by rubbing her tits.

But then, like most men who can’t seem to shut up, he tells her how his spiritual awakening all started when he was abducted in Roswell by extraterrestrials.

At this, Molly and the tall drink of water literally cannot hold back any further and shaking their heads and laughing outright, they left the bar.

Sometimes, a random encounter with a random ex-model, in a random place gives us some fantastic memories. And possibly a secret desire to figure out how we can get some help “discovering our Heart Chakra”…

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    So, you think if I tell my man I need to find my heart chakra, I can get a little more foreplay? ;) Love this! <span class="cluv">Nicki recently posted..<a class="fccf7eff04 1760" rel="nofollow" href="http://suddenlysinglejourney.com/2011/02/15/how-was-your-valentines-day/">How was your Valentine’s Day</a></span>
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