How About We…

How About We…

About six years ago, I thought I had come across the man of my dreams.  He was perfect.  Tall, built like a linebacker and funny.  He looked like the Brawny guy.  I was smitten imagining what our children would look like and how overly satisfying our sex life would be.  There was only one problem.  He wouldn’t meet in person.  Normally that would be a clear indication that I probably wasn’t talking to the guy from Brawny but a 12 year old girl but I pressed on hoping my fears were unfounded.  To assuage my paranoia, he used his webcam to show me that he was not, indeed, a drag queen from Massapequa.

Our correspondence would continue off and on for almost a year with me pushing to meet and not giving up on the storybook life I was most certain lay in both our futures.  If I could just get him to meet me in person.

We never did actually meet.

This hasn’t been the first time, nor will it be the last, where I have come across somebody looking for a pen pal.  I, however, am not looking for a pen pal.  My life is just too busy and I don’t have the patience.  I have continued to go back to online dating because I like to date and actually meet people.  But things have become stagnant.  Boring.  With emailing, phone tag and instant messaging it seems as though we have all lost sight of the final goal; to actually meet!

Then I heard about HowAboutWe.  HAW is different and unique.  It strips away the whole awkward “What should we do?” phase and skips to the good part; meeting in person.  What a novel concept.  No longer is it necessary to have the conversation that starts and ends with “What do you want to do?”, “Oh, I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”  Instead of searching primarily based on looks and an introductory paragraph, you now search by date ideas and location.  It’s genius!

As said by HowAboutWe on their website…

” HowAboutWe is all about going on dates – you get to ask people out on dates you want to go on, and you get asked out on dates other people want to go on. The goal is to connect with people who like and like to do the things you like to do.

HowAboutWe is right for you if you think dating should be fun, creative, and straightforward.

It’s good for outgoing people and people who don’t like being outgoing.

It’s good for people who are amazing at thinking of date ideas and people who have no date ideas at all.

It’s good for people with lots of experience online dating and for people who have never online dated and never thought they would (until they found HowAboutWe, obviously.)

Yep. If you’re single, it’s probably right for you. Try it and see.”

You want to just meet for coffee and just get to know each other?  Awesome.  You want to go cow tipping in Ojai.  Even better!  That’s an option, too.  What have you got to lose?  Try something new and different.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day is offering all of my readers a Special 33% OFF their service.  Just make sure to use the promo code: VDAYFUN.

So, here’s your homework, my lovies.  I want you all to sign on to HowAboutWe and go on some actual dates.  I want to hear about them, too!  I myself have also signed on and am looking forward to possible Frisbee golf or kangaroo wrangling.  This should be fun!


This post is sponsored by HowAboutWe.

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