A Birthday To Remember

A Birthday To Remember

It was my birthday, my twenty second birthday to be exact. I had spent that entire college semester figuring out how I would manage to have a threesome before I graduated and it finally seemed like I had come up with a feasible solution. A best friend of mine had let it slip that she too had wanted to have one, so I seized the opportunity and immediately asked her, “Do you want to have one together?” She said yes and from there the search for the perfect third began.

We searched through our phones and Facebook friends list, we questioned friends on who would be the best pick, but it wasn’t until I went to my journalism class that I found him. He and I shared a penchant for sexy writing, sexual deviance and a newly discovered interest in threesomes. He was a svelte, bearded, and ex-Army. I promptly invited him to my birthday party.

The party consisted of ten friends and a rousing game of pub golf, which ultimately meant nine bars and a minimum of eleven drinks. We danced and threw back shots all night. Needless to say, I was drunk by the end of the evening, as were my bedroom partners. I looked at them both as the clock neared two and said, “I’m ready for my present.” They both immediately put their drinks down and grabbed their coats. My classmate lived a few short blocks from the bars, so we proceeded to run back to his house, stealing kisses and gropes along the way.

His apartment was tiny and modest. A simple one bedroom that would soon become a mess of clothes and condoms. Once inside, the three of us instantly gravitated towards the kitchen and I started to slip in and out of drunken consciousness. My shirt was the first to go, shortly followed by hers and then his. There were flashes of a make out scene, the three of us standing in a circle on the linoleum grabbing at each other wildly and then it’s gone.

I come to maybe ten, twenty minutes later and we’re deep into our threesome. She between my legs and he behind her. I’m not too sure of my level of participation prior to my awakening, but now I was ready. We take turns alternating between each other. My hands deep inside of her, her hands on him, him between my legs while I was between hers. It became a whirlwind of tangled limbs, loud moans and too many condom changes to keep track.

An hour or two passed and the liquor caught up to me again. I’m not sure when I fell asleep, but I know when I woke up an hour or so later that she had left, he was fast asleep next to me and the floor looked like a sticky rubber warzone. My eyes fluttered once again.


The morning light pierced through the blinds and stung my tired eyes. The sunlight caught the smooth curve of his shoulder and I knew I needed to head home. I woke him up in hopes of getting a ride, but he had a different ride in mind. We went at it once more, this time much less dramatic and satisfying, but good nonetheless.

As he finished, he said, “I have a present for you.” I thought it was a poorly timed sex joke, but instead, he hopped up and grabbed an envelope off of his dresser. I looked around a little confused, unsure of what he could have possibly gotten me. As he handed me the envelope, I noticed it was strangely shaped, hard and bulbous in areas. I grabbed what was inside. I immediately knew what it was as soon as my hand touched the plastic. As I pulled my hand out, I found I was holding a purple Rabbit vibrator. I must have looked confused, because he quickly said, “”Adam and Eve was having a sale. It made me think of you.”

I thanked him for my gift, but was too tired to truly show my appreciation. I just needed to go home. I slowly picked up all of my clothes. I found a necklace in the living room. My coat and shirt in the kitchen, underwear in the bathroom and my pants in his room. We got in his car and I asked him if we could get some food.

I had him stop at Taco Bell, where I decided to get two tacos instead of my usual one. It just seemed fitting.

Years later, it’s still one of the best birthdays I ever had and while he’s long gone the vibrator certainly isn’t.

Amanda Stevens is a sex and relationship blogger that’s been blogging about her sexual adventures since the day she lost her virginity. She’s currently dating and living in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Marrie
    October 10, 10:14 Reply
    Moral of the story: Threesomes=limb-fest and taco feeds! And vibrators are the gift that will always keep on giving! Fun and sexy post! <span class="cluv">Marrie recently posted..<a class="0a15b0ec4a 18493" rel="nofollow" href="http://dirtyinpublic.com/index.php/2280/needs-of-men/">The Needs of Men: As simple as 1,2,3, stroke?</a></span>

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