Pants Party

I’m gonna jump on the penis bandwagon here, no pun intended. There’s penis in the air lately (again, no pun intended). Lots of articles asking “does size matter?”

Well, I’m here to tell you it does. To me, at least.

Being a self proclaimed penis connoisseur, I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. I’ve dealt with teeny peenys, pencil dicks, crooked cocks and donkey kongs. There isn’t a whole lot I haven’t seen. I’m not bragging, I’m just stating fact.

I’ve dealt with minute men, marathon men and men going soft. Men that are cut, men that are not. Men that are shaved and men that don’t bother.

From what I’ve seen, the line between men and women has been clearly drawn in the sand. Women that enjoy an adequate member and how it’s used and men that claim it isn’t the size of the trouser snake but how it moves.

I’m here to say that I’m a size queen and proud of it. I make no apologies. It’s strictly a matter of preference. Go big or go home. That’s not to say it’s the only deciding factor when I meet a guy but it is most certainly a bonus.

So how does a woman preferring a larger penis differ from a man preferring larger breasts? A certain hair color? A certain race? Body type? I don’t think it does. People all have things that turn them on. Some things are stranger than others. Some people are into kink, bondage, feet, food. You name it, there’s somebody that wants it.

When a woman mentions liking a man of “size” I hear a lot of excuses. “Just because he’s large doesn’t mean he knows how to use it.” “She must have a huge vagina.” Retaliation by many (mostly men) countering with bullshit somehow insinuating that just because she enjoys a large cock she’s shallow, a whore or doesn’t enjoy all the rest that comes along with being intimate with somebody. I understand that there isn’t a whole lot a man can do with what he was born with but again it’s a matter of preference. He can’t change his size anymore than I can change into a petit Asian woman. That doesn’t make me bitter or insulted towards any man that happens to prefer all the things I’m not. I’ve dealt with bad lays on both ends of the spectrum but if I had my choice I’d still stick with the foot long over the finger pecker.

So why the bad rap for women that enjoy huge cocks?

I will, however, agree with most that it shouldn’t be the only factor when determining a man’s worthiness for bedding. It’s also nearly impossible to determine the size of a man’s goods until it is literally out in the open. Not from lack of me trying, of course.

I’ve heard the myths. I’ve checked them all out. I’ve dated 6’4” men with cocks the size of a thimble. I’ve dated men shorter than myself sporting 8” plus. Big noses mean nothing. Big feet just mean big shoes. Want to know a sure fire way to tell if the man you are with is sporting a baby shark? When he pulls down his pants and he has a 10” wiener. That’s how.

Moral of the story? People like what they like. Everybody is different. Some people are good in bed and in tune with what makes them and their partner feel good. And sadly, some people just aren’t.

Pocket Rocket aside…seriously ladies, when was the last time you purposely bought a dildo that was only 3”?

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  1. Anonymous
    April 02, 16:35 Reply
    Of course size matters to you. You're a sex demon. You wouldn't be much of a "penis conqueror" with a bunch of dudes that are not packing. ;-)<br /><br /><br />-Clap
  2. Tara
    April 02, 17:00 Reply
    It's a good point. Sometimes you just can't get past a bad penis. Just the way that men that like really big boobs can't get as turned on by the wee ones. Same-same but we get the bad rap for being superficial when men live almost entirely in the superficial. Preferences for size er stature often have to do with aesthics (snipped vs unsnipped), palate (stop drinking so much beer guys), and fit. If it's not a good fit, that's most of your sex life down the drain. On the other hand, lots of men that are well endowed are so emotionally avoidant that sex with ample size also means void sex - it's boring, it's vacant, it's completely unsatisfying. Sometimes they think the size means they don't have to have skills, not true. Size does matter and if bland vacant sex is going to be there, go big or don't bother but it'd be nice to have the whole package in a good fitting package too.
  3. Anonymous
    April 02, 17:35 Reply
    "Sometimes you just can't get past a bad penis" *DEAD*<br /><br /><br />-Clap
  4. E. Daniel
    April 02, 22:41 Reply
    I have never heard about this party before. This party looks quite great and happening to me.
  5. WAT
    April 03, 03:11 Reply
    Thank God I was blessed with SOMETHING at least.
  6. Julie
    April 03, 21:02 Reply
    Never. Ever. Size matters!<br /><br />Catching up on my blog reading, finally. Happy Saturday and Happy Easter!!!!
  7. JupaMan
    April 15, 04:58 Reply
    the 4" dildo is for the girl's anal play I guess.<br />This was a great post, i want to reblog it because it makes an excellent point. I love it. one hard cock up ( instead of two thumbs up for those that don't get it)
  8. Anonymous
    April 17, 06:59 Reply
    I believe women can accommodate any large cock. For God's sake, you can fit a baby's head through your vagina that is the size of a quarter....not unless you have a huge vagina..You know..like the whale? I believe women who are heavy boned love giant cocks. For small petite women, I hear its a pain. As one said earlier it really depends on the person. One size does not fit all. Wide hipped women needs a "big cock" and small petite women are good with "average" cocks. For the small cocks out there just give her dirty talk, cunnilingus, or use your hands or if she's a big girl and she wants you to use your fist, do it! lol
  9. MissMelisaMae
    April 22, 07:42 Reply
    Thank you all for agreeing with me! I now feel vindicated! XOXO
  10. Anonymous
    May 22, 19:40 Reply
    In my experience, there's also as much variation with women when it comes to vaginal tightness (or looseness) and depth. Some women bottom out at 6" and can barely accommodate average girth, others can go 8" plus and easily take in any thickness. I've found that the ones who were petite and thinner, had much smaller/tighter vaginas, where as the bigger, thicker girls need more length and girth for stimulation.

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