Shallow, party of one!

Before I get started, I feel as though I must address my last entry in regards to Mr. Karaoke. I received many responses via email and comments about giving him a chance (all of which I wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate!) But let me try to explain a little further, in my defense. I’m not intentionally trying to be harsh but there was just something about him that made me curl up inside. I appreciate enthusiasm but flamboyance is something that I question and just can not find myself attracted to. I like my men to be…well, MEN. I definitely wouldn’t mind keeping him as a friend but that in itself may be a very fine line to maintain especially considering that I received this text from him yesterday…

“I have 2moro off *smirk*. Care for me to give you that cooking lesson?”

Seriously? What guy writes *smirk* in a text message??? So no, I will not be getting a cooking lesson from Mr. Flamboyant. I do realize that I’m perpetuating the stereotype of women only wanting bad boys but I don’t agree with that completely. It’s not that I want a boy that’s bad I just don’t want a boy that’s THAT good. An edge would be nice. And somebody that I can’t describe using the word “cheesy”. The way he tells his stories is like he’s auditioning for West Side Story. Sorry, that’s just not my style.

Now that that’s clear, you can disregard everything I’ve just said for the following post is going to prove what a hypocritical woman I really am. Yet one more reason why I’M still single 😉


I’m going to have sex on Monday or Tuesday of next week with a guy that wants to “kikk” it. I know, I know, ya’ll think I’m nuts. What-EVER. Following is our short but riveting email exchange:

VD: hey doll how are u doin….what did u get n2 4 halloween

Me: Hey there! Halloween was pretty tame. What about your Halloween? Get into any trouble 😉

VD: no trouble yet….lol so when are we goin 2 kikk it….what is ur number so we kan hangout

Me: What’s your schedule like? Then we can determine when we will be able to “kikk” it…I’m pretty open…Btw, what’s your name?

VD: im mostly free @ nite and sumtimes during the wk….and my name is Vick….whats ur name

Me: My name is Melisa. My schedule is fairly open so let me know when you feel like meeting up or giving me a call…

VD: we kan meet up sumtime dis wk……and what is ur number so i kan giv u a kall…

VD: hey Mel…hows ur wk goin..

Me: My week is going along fine. How is yours?

VD: mine is so so ….kant wait until da wkend, so kan we hangout dis wk

Me: Give me a call. My number is 555-1212

I’m going to apologize now because I realize that reading through our email correspondences you may have lost a few brain cells. His writing skills insult my intelligence and make my eyes bleed. I don’t usually respond to grown men that need a tutor but let me tell you that after looking at his pictures and seeing his 6’4” physique shirtless I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Again proving how incredibly shallow I can be.

After dealing with his retard speak I almost didn’t give him my number. Almost. But what can I say? I have no other real prospects in site so I wouldn’t mind adding just one more notch on the bedpost with Mr. 6’4”, 8-pack, 96” bicep stud muffin. Can you really blame me? I’m looking forward to hitting that in a bad way.

Aside from that, I really was quite surprised at how articulate and sensible he sounded over the phone. What I was expecting was some cocky stud with only a slight grasp of his native tongue. English. But what I encountered was somebody that even at 26 seemed to know the playing field. He made sense and not once did I every hear him call me “son” or “you’s”. I was impressed. He was also quite insightful when it came to the way he looked at relationships and dating.

So, even though I don’t see a great whirlwind, soul mate type of romance ahead I do see some good times that I may or may not be busting out the video camera for.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Dweeze
    November 12, 19:50 Reply
    You should have said no just on the basis of the 2moro...
  2. JupaMan
    November 12, 20:09 Reply
    oy.... oy, oy oy.... I think I'll keep this one to myself as I have already told you on IM my thoughts... honestly, I think I'm afraid to read part two.... but I do hope it works out for ya, and that you have mind blowing, mattress falling off the box fun. ;)
  3. Maruska Morena
    November 12, 21:10 Reply
    Ick.. 2moro? really? That would be an instant dump for me.<br /><br />And while I lost many braincells reading this, there can be a lot forgiven for a hot man.
  4. Julie
    November 13, 00:49 Reply
    Girl, I'll take *smirk* over *kikk it* any day. Especially 2moro. :)
  5. A True Heart Girl in Jersey
    November 13, 04:48 Reply
    If this guy is real....ENJOY every tasty morsel. If this guy does not look like his photos....I can't wait to hear about it.

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