The Fireman (Part 2)

Fireman Update:

Less than a day after sending The Fireman my eloquently crafted email I received a response from him. I grabbed myself a bottle of water and braced myself for what this perfect specimen of a man had to say:

“You are too funny Melisa! I just read your profile and your a woman version of me! Hey what can I say were both sagittarius! I’m pretty sure we can reak sum havok upon this world! I’m a wild child, love my hennessy and I love sex too! Give me holla back when u get this message!
-The Fireman”

Okay, he’s not going to be winning any Pulitzer Prize Awards but at least he spelled my name right. Upon reading this message I knew I was in trouble. Just as I explained in my earlier post, he and I together have the potential to be nothing short of explosive. Call it my sixth sense, call it my woman’s intuition, call it what you will but I just had the feeling that having us two fire signs in the same proximity would make it a good thing he was already a trained firefighter.

Without wasting any time, I gave him my number. If this guy was truly for real, I wanted a piece of him. He called right away. We discussed all the usual topics in this first conversation in the limited time we had since he was on his way out. Turns out he lived about 3 miles from being in a rap song so it looked as if we would be meeting in my neck of the woods. I have no desire to be some random shooting statistic. Being in school and working for the LA County Fire Dept. full time I was already getting a sense that finding a time convenient for us to meet was going be a little difficult.

After that…

I got bored.

Yep, I’ll say it again. I got bored. It’s as if the excitement of the chase was over. He was my unicorn and now he was within reach. But something about knowing he was too busy for anything substantial turned me off. I’ve played the game in the past where I had to be “fit into” somebody else’s schedule. I may not be furthering my education or rescuing kittens from trees but my time is valuable none the less.

The following Friday night at 10pm we had this little text message exchange:

Him: Hey r u out?

Me: Just got home

Him: Ok, now you gotta come to my home and see me! Lol (Yeah no, that’s not going to happen. I won’t be visiting 8 Mile anytime soon)

Him: Hey, I just got off work and I’m a lil wired! Haha

Me: I just got home and I’m a lil tired! Haha

After that, he called me. Still trying to talk me into meeting up he began to inquire more about my location. But, face washed, teeth brushed and PJ’s on there was no way I was having company. I guess nobody can accuse me of being desperate. I don’t care who you are. If I’m tired and comfortable chances are I’m not going anywhere.

This is where he lost me. Upon discussing my recent move, he let it be known that my place wasn’t fully a home unless it had been “broken in”. I happen to agree with this statement but there was going to be no breaking in done this evening. He continued to enlighten me on his sexual prowess and open mindedness. I got the full picture of how “open minded” this guy was when he mentioned a swingers club he used to frequent with his ex.

Sure, I’m a little bit of a freak and I have a very healthy appetite when it comes to sex. If it’s been longer than a month I start to go into withdrawals. I get cranky and try to hump just about anything that crosses my path. I start imagining weather forecasters in the nude. It gets really bad. But even I was a little surprised at his bravado. I was even a little intimidated which says a lot considering I certainly have no problems holding my own under the sheets.

In my last entry I made mention of keeping him all to myself in my bedroom but those were my own personal thoughts. I did not mention my plans for his captivity to him so for him to immediately jump into the deep end of this conversation left me feeling a little bored and unimpressed.

Perhaps, deep down I was hoping for something more substantial than just another notch on my bedpost. That just doesn’t excite me anymore. It’s too easy. The real turn on for me these days is to actually find somebody who can make me laugh and have something more meaningful to say other than trying to guess my bra size. But, it looks like that’s not going to happen with this fellow.

I’ll probably end up meeting him just out of curiosity. I do still have my needs but as far as him being my white knight I don’t think that’s a role he’s going to be able to fill.

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  1. Jane Wonder
    March 17, 20:53 Reply
    Hard and fast rule... if someone mentions sex in their profile or initial emails, they are just looking for that and will grab it as soon as they can. They mention it up front to weed out anyone who will flinch and to make their intentions known. If you just want some hot bedroom action, those people are always ready and willing. If you want more, well, now you know exactly how to sort them out. ;)
  2. brewers_rule
    March 17, 21:13 Reply
    Well, I hate to say I was right about a fireman's hectic schedule but...<br /><br />Longing for more intellectual conversation over abs? My, my, my, is our little Melissa growing up or is it just me? ;)
  3. manshopping
    March 17, 22:45 Reply
    I don't know why, but when I saw that he wrote "reak sum havok," that seemed really sexual to me, haha. Then again, that could just be due to the fact that everything makes me think of sex these days...<br /><br />You are a ballsy lady. I probably would have caved if I were ever lucky enough to find myself vigorously courted by a hunky fireman in the wee hours of the night. It's too bad that he'll just be another notch when you are leaning toward something substantial, but hey, a fireman notch isn't too shabby at all!
  4. JupaMan
    March 18, 15:53 Reply
    wow Spicey, I think I have to think a bit on my feelings about this one. you kinda threw me off for a bit about the him not being the knight in shinning armor... didn't honestly think that's what you were looking for there. <br />What really threw me off is how fast you got bored. that's just way too fast even for you ;(
  5. caligirl714
    March 19, 06:17 Reply
    Substantial? Meaningful? Are you getting soft on us Melisa? :)

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