The Latest in Sex News

The Latest in Sex News

In the event you were on pins and needles waiting to hear if you had won the First Annual Vagina Beauty Contest held last month, let me put your mind at ease. Unless you’re Nel, 27 from the UK (NSFW, obviously), it probably wasn’t you. If you are Nel, may I be among the first to congratulate you on your beautiful vulva.

Out of the 185 contestants, the top three winners won actual money prizes in addition to being reproduced onto Autoblow Sleeves. I’m so jealous. The US didn’t even show up on the list until #5. Way to represent, Virginia.

Also worth mentioning #185, otherwise known as Jennifer, 52, from Hollywood, had the great distinction of being last on the list, and for good reason. I do believe she confused this contest for the most attractive vulva with the one from Bosley Hair Care for Men seeking after photos.

Not to change the subject, but some porn star built a 7’ Darth Vader using sex toys. Impressive.

Kayla-Jane Danger, special effects artist Todd Devlin, and porn producer Seth Beard took $3,000 worth of dildos and butt plugs and gave birth to Darth Vibrader after 8 hours of labor.

“It’s easily the most unique thing I’ve done in porn,” Danger told The Huffington Post.

I’d say.

In case you haven’t heard of Ms. Danger, let me give you some background. She seems to be fairly new to the industry and by new, I mean, within the last five years. She tends to spend her time showing off her legs and feet and sticks primarily to bondage and fetishy stuff.

Some of her IMDB credits include:

Kayla Jane Danger Trample

Danger: Blogging Leads to Bondage (which just happens to be on my Netflix que)

Beautiful Business Women Bound and Gagged (sounds like my last place of employment)

Despite FAO Schwarz Vegas closing a few years back, Darth will be living the rest of his days at the headquarters of, a Los Angeles-based porn company. That is, until they sell him for parts during the next AVN Novelty Expo.

Last but not least, in recent sex news, the Japanese bring us a new take on the game show jerk-off. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the show Sing What Happen, right? Right?!?

The gist of this show is that a man has to sing a song while getting a hand job. If he’s able to finish the song before she finishes him, then he wins a trip to Disneyland or a bagillion dollars or the satisfaction of being able to teach his children about perseverance and tenacity. Actually, I don’t have a clue what he gets other than an orgasm. This seems like a worthy cause on its own.

As if that’s not entertaining enough (seriously, why hasn’t FOX picked up that show yet?), the Japanese bring us another gem. This show, aptly titled The Handjob Competition, also ends up with some girl getting off some guy. However, instead of one guy having to hold a note while some chick holds his cock, two guys battle it out Mano y Mano to see who can get off first. Not sure what the final prize is here, either, except the backwards logic that getting off in under a minute is a good thing but who am I to judge?

And there you have it; the most awesomest sex news from the last few weeks. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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    Just love the world First Annual Vagina Beauty Contest. It was really a treat to watch and all the participant were good this kind of competition should take place more offetn because it is also a art.If we can see Body building competition than we can also see this kind of contest too.

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