Youngbuck Revisited

When I’m all alone at night my mind begins to wonder. Crazy shit streams through my head like a bad horror flick written by Heidi Montag. How do lizards have sex? Does So and So really look in the mirror and think “Damn that looks good” before leaving the house? How was I able to function before “Snapped” on Oxygen? Is Oprah really a lesbian? And when is a good time to tell my cousin she isn’t a model? The inner dialog inside my head is definitely questionable.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, actually it doesn’t except to show that I’m clearly crazy. But even I, in my craziest of episodes, wonder what the fuck people are thinking when they do, say or write certain things.

Case in point, Youngbuck (remember him?).

I want to take a moment and discuss Youngbuck’s steady spiral towards the “You’ve got to be kidding me and lose my number” zone. Perhaps someone can please shed some light on why Youngbuck went from a sweet, decent lay into a man with an unhealthy preoccupation with my knees and his penis.

Truth be told, I’m not really sure why he’s still around. In my heart of hearts I know that we will never be exclusive. Perhaps I like having him around because he’s cute, good in bed (as long as he gives it a rest without going all 12 rounds) and once I get over the fact that he spells “kik it” with a “k” I can relax and enjoy his company.

The moment he mentioned “feelings” is when the spiral began. Most everyone I know, knows that I don’t own a pair of those so when he mentioned the “F” word I backed off big time. I had thought we were on the same page up to that point so this was all completely out of left field.

I haven’t seen too much of him since then but he’s still actively pursuing me. However, his attempts at reconnecting have begun to border on the bizarre. Let me show you an example of one of his most recent attempts the other night (via text message):

YB: hey there

Me: hey

YB: How r u?

Me: Good. U?

YB: Good. Busy with work & skool

Me: Gotcha

YB: What r u doin?

Me: Just watching some TV.

YB: Sounds fun…u wanna suk sum cock




Oh gee, can I? Oh, pretty please?!? First off, my answer is no. I realize my day seemed to be devoid of something but I’m pretty sure sucking cock was not what it was missing. At least, not that day anyway. And secondly, you are not doing me any favors by sticking your dick in my mouth. As a matter of fact, that’s me doing you a favor.

I never responded to his offer of generosity so an hour later I got this:

YB: I guess that’s a no

See, he’s not so stupid after all.

Three days later…

YB: When kan we fuck

I didn’t even get any warning with that one. No “hi, how are you?” or “how was your day?” Nothin!

Me: When you stop sending me stupid texts about fucking and sucking dick. You know I hate that shit (Yes, I have told him on multiple occasions that I find “sexting”, as the kids call it, cheesy and lame. If you want to fuck, get your ass over here. I don’t need to talk about it. Put up or shut up.)

YB: Ok, no prob…karry on


For God’s sakes! This is a grown ass man. In college and holding down two jobs, no less. It’s like the closer he comes to the realization that I’m not interested in him romantically the more of a fucktard he becomes.

Is it because I’ve hurt his ego? Is he trying to outplay me in the game of NSA? It seems to me as if he’s gone overboard in trying to make it appear as though he no longer cares and he’s just in it for sex. The only difference being that I AM only in it for sex and he’s clearly gotten his wee wittle feelings hurt. I didn’t intentionally make it my mission to rebuff his romantic advances but I was up front and honest with him the whole time about where I stood. He knew the game. He knew the rules.


He’s really just an idiot and thinks that women find it panty shedding hot to be bombarded with texts about hair pulling and knee scraping. I’m thinking a little bit of both.

And for the record, it’s apparently NEVER a good time to tell your cousin that she isn’t a model. Go figure.

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  1. brewers_rule
    April 20, 17:30 Reply
    I don't know. I'm trying to understand why his obviously muted spelling skills or his approach matter at all if you're both just there for the sex anyway. Seems a tad micromanaged for such a basic relationship. But, I'm not into that myself so I wouldn't be able to say much intelligently regarding it anyway.
  2. Dweeze
    April 20, 18:11 Reply
    Not to put words into the lovely Miss Melissa's mouth, but because there are still basic standard levels you want with a partner even in just a physical relationship. For example, my basic standard levels are a: human and b: alive. In that order.
  3. Anonymous
    April 20, 18:55 Reply
    Hilarity as ever..<br /><br /><br />-Clap
  4. JupaMan
    April 20, 20:16 Reply
    ohk myk godk spiceyk whatk thek fuckk? LOL <br />maybe he'll get it when you hit him over the head with a club or something like in ancient times. :)
  5. manshopping
    April 21, 00:51 Reply
    I just had to laugh and laugh and laugh at this one. No words, just laughing. What a colossal fuckwit. But you gotta give it to him; he did give you material for a phenomenal blog post.
  6. MissMelisaMae
    April 22, 07:32 Reply
    Brewers_rule: Ok?<br /><br />Dweeze: I love your basic standard levels! Perhaps, I should follow your lead then nothing will disappoint :)<br /><br />Clap: As always, you know just what to say. Simple and to the point. I like it.<br /><br />Jupaman: IF I decide to see him again, I will definitely tryk hittingk himk overk thek headk<br /><br />man_shopper: He may be an idiot but you are right...If it weren't for all the morons I've met and dated (I use the term loosely) I wouldn't have this blog. However, I might also be sane.
  7. manshopping
    April 22, 23:49 Reply
    Oh, but if you were sane, you wouldn't be half as interesting ;) I tell myself that sanity is overrated, but that could be due to the fact that I left my sanity somewhere in the USA years ago. I may never find it again.
  8. Skye Blue
    April 29, 03:25 Reply
    Wow. This post reminds me of why I make it a habit not to play with the 'children'.<br /><br />Poor Youngbuck. On second thought scratch that - poor you.<br /><br />Terrific post.
  9. MissMelisaMae
    April 29, 18:43 Reply
    Slink, I know, right? I almost got whiplash!<br /><br />Skye Blue, good point. No picking dates out of the playground.
  10. Lena.FM
    July 01, 20:35 Reply
    Happy bloggiversary darling! You show them! :-)

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