Sugar Doll Blogger Award

I am honored to accept the Sugar Doll Blogger Award from the hilarious Man-Shopper!

Pursuant to the conditions of being named a Sugar Doll, I will now share ten things about myself that you may or may not ever want or need to know:

• I have an unhealthy fascination with all things Chuck Norris

• I could spend all day watching MSNBC documentaries about cults and serial killers (and have actually done just that…more than once)

• I think about sex every 4.7 seconds

• I’m a full blooded Sagittarius and therefore a dreamer by nature, bore way too easily for my own good and have a mean woman’s intuition

• I hate shoes. I only wear flip flops. If I could wear flip flops in the rain without being considered a retard or freezing my toes off, I would

• I think that women should be wary of single men with unhealthy attachments to their dogs. Beware of a man and his bitch. Seriously.

• I think that “300” is the greatest movie of all time. I don’t actually know what the movie is about though because I can’t focus on what they are saying and their half naked, buff bodies at the same time

• I firmly believe that men should only be allowed to wear boxer briefs

• I don’t date men that play “Socom” or drive Saturns. Anymore.

• I still think that Adam West was the best Batman and that Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone was a genius

With that out of the way, I now pass on the Sugar Doll Blogger Award to a few of my favorite ladies:


Girl of True Heart




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  1. manshopping
    March 15, 12:34 Reply
    300 is indeed a stunning display of manhood. I thought it was a brilliant idea to showcase such lovely, well-oiled specimens in minimal clothing for a full-length feature film. What was it about again? I don't even care.
  2. Ken
    March 15, 14:10 Reply
    Just every 4.7 seconds? Got you beat.
  3. KB IN NYC
    March 16, 16:55 Reply
    Just FYI you are awesome. With a capital A! <br /><br />XKB

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