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Ice, Ice Baby

When I was 21, I wanted a diamond solitaire necklace.  I wanted one real bad.  I also had a boyfriend at the time.  Miss Melisa Mae had a boyfriend.  Imagine

Coffee, Tea…or Me?

It’s official, the 40 Year Old Virgin just isn’t into me. At least that’s the feeling I’m getting considering that he is now trying to fix me up with not

Men + Underwear = Sexy

There are two things in this world that I love the most.  The first thing is men.  The second is men in loungewear.  Nothing will get my blood flowing faster

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  1. algancao
    November 15, 11:06 Reply
    Congratulations on your big-girl domain! I would suggest just a little change to your style sheet, though. Your blog title isn't standing out well enough against the leopard print background. Solutions include: bold your title tag, change its color perhaps to a red, or dim the background image. Other than that, you continue to rock!

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