Men + Underwear = Sexy

Men + Underwear = Sexy

There are two things in this world that I love the most.  The first thing is men.  The second is men in loungewear.  Nothing will get my blood flowing faster than a man in boxer briefs or low riding pajama pants.  Men, if you want me to go gaga, make me a cocktail and throw on a pair of these

I’m also a HUGE fan of biceps.  If I had my way, when at home with Bill, Steve, Robert, or Mike, etc., anything with sleeves would not be allowed past the front door.  If I could make love to a set of traps and pair of biceps I absolutely would.  And don’t think I haven’t tried.  I guess you could say I’m an arm girl.  Ask anybody.  Wearing something like this has a pretty decent chance of getting you molested while in my company…

Now, you may think that this sounds like a pitch for’s Holiday 2010 line.  Well, you bet your ass it is.  However, when given the chance to critique half naked, hard bodied, chiseled men with nice tans and smooth skin I’m going to jump on it.  But think of it this way.  I’m doing mankind a service by letting them in on a little secret.  Men in loungewear are sexy.  Half naked men are sexy.  Half naked men in loungewear pouring me a vodka-tonic are sexy.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Jovan Byars
    December 08, 09:05 Reply
    Do you like naked men? I just love being nude!
    • missmelisamae
      December 08, 09:24 Reply
      While I'll readily admit to loving naked men there are definitely times I'd rather leave a few things to the imagination. I'm just not a fan of being whipped in the face while being served my coffee.
  2. The Single Filez
    December 08, 21:17 Reply
    Can I just say... dude in the second pic? Nom, nom, nom. <span class="cluv">The Single Filez recently posted..<a class="103cbad3e0 594" rel="nofollow" href="">Blogging To Date- Or Dating To Blog</a></span>

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